February 06, 2006

The worlds most inovative religions

I wanted to find out once and for all which religions encouraged innovation and which stifled it. These number of patents per million people for countries of different religions.

  1. Shinto 1336
  2. Jewish 799
  3. Buddhist 609
  4. Unaffiliated 134
  5. Christian 99.7
  6. Indigenous Beliefs 13.2
  7. Hindu 1.14
  8. Atheist (Socialist) 0.914
  9. Unspecified 0.489
  10. Muslim 0.427
  11. Zionist 0

So there you have it the reason that Islamic countries seem to dislike Zionism so much, it is the only religion that invents less than they do! But that is still no reason want to destroy Swaziland when it has done nothing to them.

Notes on the data:

Patent data comes from the US Patent Office. The United States of America was NOT included in the data used to create this list, as the patents would have been both international and purely domestic while all other countries would have been just international which would have distorted the results.

Religion is from the CIA World Fact Book using the religion which has the largest proportion of the population when all sects of the major religions are combined e.g. both Lutheran and Roman Catholic counted towards Christian, both Sunni and Shia counted towards Muslim. When the CIA indicated that I could have put a country in several religious categories I counted towards all of them.


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